Compact cooler bellhousings

R+L Hydraulics GmbH presents cooler bellhousings of the KPV series. The cooler bellhousings feature a compact design and boast top cooling performance while withstanding high pressure peaks of up to 16 bar long term. Available in various designs, they are compatible in accordance with VDMA 24 561.

Cooler bellhousings are damping connecting elements between the electric motor and hydraulic pump in combination with an oil-air cooler. They are very popular within the oil hydraulics sector. Specialised in hydraulic components and power transmission products, R+L Hydraulics supplies compact coolers of the KPV series, providing the user with crucial benefits: “Our top priority in the development of this series was to the integrate a cooling element which withstands dynamic pressure loads without loss of cooling power,” says Patrick Laupitz, head of the domestic sales team at R+L Hydraulics. “According to the requirements of users and by means of dynamic fatigue strain tests, we have developed a prismatic cooling element which continually withstands pressure peaks of up to 16 bar.”

Prismatic cooling elements provide a high cooling performance in the KPV series. “R+L Hydraulics was the first manufacturer to equip catalogue cooler bellhousings with prismatic standard cooling elements,“ says Laupitz. “While the first cooler bellhousings available on the market were usually equipped with a finned tube as a heat exchanger, which – aside from the unsatisfactory cooling power – limited this mainly to leakage oil cooling, the application of prismatic cooling elements is state-of-the-art today.” The prismatic cooling elements allow the coolers to be installed into the mainly pressureless return line. “In certain configurations, however, pressure peaks can occur that cannot be determined with conventional pressure measuring devices,” explains Laupitz. “For example, this is often the case when a pressurised cylinder is relieved in milliseconds towards the return line by an electromagnetic valve. Due to inertia and friction, it is often impossible to protect the cooler from occurring pressure peaks, which has in the past led to occasional breakdowns of the heat exchanger due to recurring pressure peaks. This is now a thing of the past in the KPV series.“

Cooler bellhousings of the KPV series are available for manufactured motor sizes of 80 to 180l in noise-damping versions and can be combined with foot brackets. „Full interchangeability of the installation dimensions in accordance with VDMA 24 561 is another essential benefit“, says Laupitz, “in fact, not only according to the installation length but also to the attachment position of the foot bracket.“

Besides cooler bellhousings, R+L Hydraulics develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of components for fluid and power transmission products, including industrial couplings and hydraulic accessories such as torsional and jaw couplings, bellhousings, damping elements, heat exchangers, coolers and hydraulic tanks. The products are used in a wide variety of applications in mechanical engineering, ship and vehicle construction, in the steel industry and offshore technology as well as special applications in plant engineering.

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